Alpha Release Edit

Dragon Rush was in alpha version of a game from 12th of March 2016 to 20th of April 2016.

Release Date Version Changelog
12th of March 2016 Alpha 0.16 Dragon Rush is created
14th of March 2016 Alpha 0.20 Added Evil Bunny and 3 more levels
20th of March 2016 Alpha 0.34 Added a tutorial level, improvements of the gameplay
26th of March 2016 Alpha 0.41 Added 2 more levels, playscreen and a crouch button (down arrow)
13th of April 2016 Alpha 0.73 Added black spots on the map which you can die from
19th of April 2016 Alpha 0.98 Added ads and a play button, added an unfunctional settings button

Beta Release Edit

Dragon Rush was in beta from 20th of April 2016 until 23rd of June 2016.

Release Date Version Changelog
20th of April 2016 Beta Removed h button for cheating, a lot of bug fixes
1st of May 2016 Beta 1.4.2 Fixed Level II, the bug that made y unable to complete the level, a lot of bug fixes.
13th of June 2016 Beta 1.8.96 Fixed a lot of bugs and Level III

Official Release Edit

Dragon Rush was officially released on 23rd of June 2016

Release Date Version Changelog
23rd of June 2016 1.0.0 Bug fixes, removed options button
30th of June 2016 1.0.1 Level II fix, a lot of bug fixes
14th of July 2016 1.0.2 Smaller dragon, levels fixed, added same color ending level as a command given
16th of July 2016 1.0.3 Removed ads
2nd of August 2016 1.0.4 Space button removed, bug fixed
24th of August 2016 1.0.5 New arrow controls
1st of September 2016 1.0.6 W=jump backwards, no spamming jump, added jump cooldown
4th of September 2016 1.0.7 Added two new levels, bug fix
17th of September 2016 1.0.8 New buttons in a main menu, GUI improvements
23rd of September 2016 1.0.9 Difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard and Hardcore)
28th of September 2016 1.1.0 New levels, new characters, German language support
29th of September 2016 1.1.1 Whole game fixed, a lot of bug fixes
1st of October 2016 1.1.2 Added "More games" button, German language fixed
3rd of October 2016 1.1.3 Added more characters, bug fixes
26th of October 2016 1.1.4 Bug fixes
30th of October 2016 1.1.5 Added special characters, 8 new characters and character packs
1st of November 2016 1.2.0 Added Dragon Rush Launcher, added Music and Sound and Music and Sound buttons, added 12 more characters, GUI improvements and a lot of bug fixes
23rd of November 2016 1.2.1 Bug fixes
24th of December 2016 1.2.2 Added new loading screen and Challanges
3rd of March 2017 1.2.3 Bug fixes
16th of April 2017 1.2.4 Added Sign in button and News button
25th of May 2017 1.2.5 Completely new GUI for the main menu, bug fixes
To be announced 1.3.0 Added world map, 110 new levels, coins, daily gift, buyable characters, removed the bunny, added Multiplayer on a local Wi-Fi network up to 3 players, use WASD to move and improved jumping and gravity, removed jumping backwards and crouching